About Ireland Planner

Ireland Planner is an island-wide trip planner for locals and tourists alike, allowing you to plan a bespoke road trip from one end of the country to the other, or from coast to coast. The trip planner includes hotel accommodation close to the areas/attractions you are visiting as well as popular and lesser known tourist sites and attractions.

Florence Court House

Florence Court House

Prior knowledge of the country is unnecessary as you can learn all about things to see and do just by browsing our site. You can then save your chosen sites into a personalised folder before creating a mapped route.

Ireland Planner includes over 50 different categories from Art Galleries and Castles to Historic Pubs and Surfing Schools and lots in between.

Just input where you’d like to go and when, and what type of thing you want to see and the website will create the route along with everything there is to do on the way.

You can then add items to an itinerary and print a fully-mapped and timed holiday plan. It’s as easy as that!

About Me

My name is Tara and I’m a Cavan woman born and bred, with a mission in mind to transform the visitor experience on the island of Ireland by allowing you the user to build your own itineraries.

Ferns Castle

Ferns Castle

Whether you live here and want to do a day trip or you are an overseas visitor (welcome!) on a dream trip of a lifetime, I hope Ireland Planner helps you to see more and do more than ever before on our beautiful island. I’m passionate about independent travel and have enjoyed many cross-country road trips myself and I’ve always found the hardest part to be in the planning stage, trying to get from A to B whilst making sure you take in all that there is to see along the way. For often, the most interesting things don’t appear on any splashy websites or brochures, they are the little gems only locals know about.

My aim with Ireland Planner is to ignite the same passion in others for exploring beyond the big cities (though there’s lots of fun to be had in them too!) and having a more rounded, experiential trip in Ireland. So don’t just sit there reading, get planning! And most importantly, have fun!

Be it a 1-day whirlwind, or a 1-year odyssey, we’re here to help you plan the perfect trip

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